Friday, February 25, 2011

join our CSA

Like our restaurant, Clementine, Green Onion will help to sustain local agri-businesses. It makes us proud—not only because those family farms can continue to run in part because of food lovers like us, but also because we know that we're helping you feed your families the best, freshest, healthiest foods at prices you can afford.

You may have heard about local CSAs— Community Supported Agriculture. For as little as $13.46 a week, you can buy a share from one of our favorite purveyors, Zahradka Farm. Yes, they’re the folks who bring those stunning heirloom tomatoes to market.

Please click the CSA tab at the top of this blog (or press right here: CSA) for more information about buying a share. If you do it by March 15th, you’ll get a chance to win a free share for the next season of your choice. But Green Onion has a signing bonus of our own.

We’d like to get at least twenty new members. So if you join the CSA by March 15th for weekly pickup at Green Onion, we’ll throw in a $20 gift card!

And here’s another bonus: When you pick up your CSA from Green Onion each week (likely on Fridays), we’ll help you discover new and exciting things to do with your veggie haul. We'll even post some of them right here, on our Tips and Recipes pages.

Monday, February 21, 2011

what do you want?

We have this nice big space over at the corner of Harford and Hamilton, and we're getting ready to fill it up all manner of comely comestibles. But let's say you were in charge. What ten things, in order of their importance to you, would you carry? Would you line your larder with legumes, leg of lamb, leeks? Perhaps you're partial to parsnips and pickles (Clementine's house-made pickles, of course). Fancy fresh fenugreek and fines herbes? Hanker for ham hocks? Stock up on soup stocks?

Think about it, please, and post your must-have list as a comment here.