Wednesday, April 4, 2012

good food is just a few tweaks away

If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for the opening of Green Onion, you’re about to catch that breath of fresh air—and fresh cheese, meat, produce, sauces, and more. In about three weeks—by the end of April—you’ll be standing in line waiting to catch the glint of Killer’s knife as he skillfully excises chicken and pig parts, wrapping them in paper for you to take home for dinner.

Walk by Green Onion, and peer in the windows. The paper’s down, the shelves are up, the cheese orders are in, and now the word is out.

· Meats by Genuine Food Co., Wagon Wheel Ranch, and other fine farms: beef,
chicken, pork, rabbit, and duck—local and less local, high quality, and hormone
free—and Clementine’s sausages
· Clementine specialties—stocks, broths, pickles, sauces, dressings, and more
· Cheeses—25 different kinds, all natural, hormone free
· Bread made exclusively for us by Hamilton Bakery
· Baked goods—mini versions of Clementine’s desserts by Peep
· Deli sandwiches
· Pastas by Field Day, rice, gluten-free goods
· Ice cream, milk, chocolate milk, and more from Prigel Family Creamery
· Yogurt, butter, and more from Trickling Springs
· Eggs from Andy’s Eggs and Mingodale Farm
· Coffee by Zeke’s and Griggs
· Cleaning supplies
· Pet food
· Bulk olive oil and detergent

You can also pick up your CSAs here, whether it’s The Zahradka Farm CSA or our own Genuine Meat CSA. (Please check back for more details soon.)

Before we open, we’ll be patching the floor and walls, tweaking our equipment, and adding finishing touches here and there, like cafĂ© tables in the front of the store. Before you know it, the bowling alley floors that serve as our countertops will be holding market bags brimming with the best food you can find.

We’re lookin’ good, and before spring is over, you’ll be cookin’ good.