Friday, May 13, 2011

high on the hog—and the fumes

We’ve stepped away from our prep of the new space momentarily to bring you a long-overdue update.  A few strapping lads are taping and filling the drywall seams, while others are uncovering more of that fantastic tile floor.  We’ve sent Jim Perry off to hand-paint our store signs.  And early next week, we will paint the walls and the building will be ready for inspection.
Now to the food front.

Cheese & Dairy
·      We now have 30 spectacular cheeses for our cheese case. 
·      Fresh Mackenzie’s chickens are pumping out the eggs.  
·      Twin Compass Farm has planted one and a half acres just for us
·      Arthur at HCC has been bringing us dreamy greens and herbs for the past two weeks
·      Zahradkas has beautiful lettuces coming up and heirloom tomatoes in the ground. 
Dry Goods
·      We just met with Unfi to finish ordering our dry and package goods. 
·      Zahradkas’ chickens have been a hit at Clementine, and we can’t wait to bring them to your home table, too. 
·      Farmer Al has two grass-fed beeves ready for the butchery in early June.
      ·      And our ten Belvale Hampshire/Yorkshire   Cross piglets are growing up.  They have moved outside and are living large.  (Need we say literally?) 

We know it’s taken longer than we had hoped (our new open date is mid-June), but we also know that it will be well worth the wait.  Meanwhile, hop over to Clementine for a fresh taste of things to come.  And we’ll get back to the drywall tape.

Meet the Porkers