Thursday, March 31, 2011

grand nopening

As you may realize, tomorrow is April, and we are appear to be the fools.

We admit that in planning our Grand Opening date, our enthusiasm trumped the reality of permits and other procedures. But we are chugging along and expect to open sometime between the first of May and the first of June.

We amended our plan to include cafĂ© seating, which means we had to add a second restroom—bad for cost projections, but good for seating! We have finally completed the arduous task of selecting and agreeing on a color scheme and will commence with the paintin’ just as soon as the weather cooperates. (Spring—another April fool?) And we continue to amass massively expensive equipment, a favorite pastime.

In other news,
  • Our fine friend Peter Mares is working with us on the website, which should be up and running soon. 
  • The Zahradka Farms/Green Onion CSA is filling up fast, so if you’re interested in getting in on that Friday market pickup, now’s the time to sign on.
  • We are working on the idea of processing veggies, especially tomatoes, so we can have them in the winter.
  • We just met with the territory manager of UNFI, the nation’s largest natural foods provider. He’s helping us set up our packaged goods and bulk foods.
  • We are also progressing in our setup of bulk detergents—laundry and dish—for sale. You bring in your old containers, and we’ll fill them with the most environmentally friendly soaps we can find.
  • Clementine is ramping up charcuterie production for sale at the market.
  • Bill deBloom, the daily manager of the market, has been taking classes in meat and in organic and all-natural produce. And we’re all honing our butchering techniques as well, which is good news for our fingers.

So we’re a little off our timeline, but we’ll open this damn market soon and will sneak in a soft opening as soon as possible. Keep your ideas and questions coming—here and on our Facebook page. Thank you for liking this idea and being as excited as we are to make our market your market.


  1. Ahhh... the best laid plans... We'll be there when you are! ;-D

  2. Super pumped about this detergent idea! Trying to reduce trash is a MUST! Nice effort, Green Onion!