Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time and Nourishment

Time. We like to think we are in control of it—especially our own—but it usually gets the better of us. And so the opening planned for April was moved to May, then pushed to June, and then, because we didn’t want to have to shove, we shelved any talk of a new date.

That has not changed.

Right now, some walls need painting; some parts of floor need refinishing; others need grouting; the space and all the equipment need cleaning.

But the signs are up! The food is waiting—even produce, which is growing up in local hothouses. The electricity and heating are updated, and the air conditioning and fireproof drywall have been installed. The lighting is hanging. Two brand-spankin’-new (ADA-approved) bathrooms are ready for all the tail-less sows and boars. There’s a wheelchair-accessible ramp, too. And four tables are eager to receive guests and their order from our fine deli-sandwich menu.

What’s the delay? Well, in addition to wanting to do it right from the start—which includes making later-stage improvements earlier, while the room is gutted—we’ve been one tall man short for the past couple of months. Winston Blick, owner of the Clempire that includes Green Onion and Clementine, has been suffering from double pneumonia. His energy is sapped, and his sleep has been less than sound. Thus, the heavy lifting is left to others.

How can you help? The best way is by enjoying a meal at Clementine! Right now, we have four $15 menu items. And the meat from those meals is organic and all ours—at the Genuine Food Company, raised in conjunction with our partners, Bellvale Farms and Forever Endeavor.

We can also use your help in other ways. Are you a skilled craftsman willing to barter? We can use tile installers and grouters, floor refinishers, painters, and all manner of clean-maker. If you have a proven expertise in one of these areas, please leave your intention and email address in a comment on this post.

Thank you again for continuing to check on our progress. We know you are excited, and so are we. We hope for a soft opening soon—and a healthy Winston way sooner.

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