Monday, February 21, 2011

what do you want?

We have this nice big space over at the corner of Harford and Hamilton, and we're getting ready to fill it up all manner of comely comestibles. But let's say you were in charge. What ten things, in order of their importance to you, would you carry? Would you line your larder with legumes, leg of lamb, leeks? Perhaps you're partial to parsnips and pickles (Clementine's house-made pickles, of course). Fancy fresh fenugreek and fines herbes? Hanker for ham hocks? Stock up on soup stocks?

Think about it, please, and post your must-have list as a comment here.


  1. I don't know about other people, but one of the reasons I rejoice in a place like this opening up in our neighborhood is to find new things, like a great cheese I can't live without, or some wonderful squash from a local farm. And since raw milk is illegal in MD (grrr...), I can't put that on my list, but here are a few things I like to buy at other organic food places that I would like to see at Green Onion:

    Bison meat
    Organic ground beef
    Good cheddar

    I'm sure once you open, my list will expand. ;)

  2. Hmmm.......

    Local lamb
    Straw-, rasp-, blue- and black- berries (is that 4?)
    Salad greens
    Interesting sausage
    Big fat leeks

    Maybe you should change this request to Top 20.

  3. I would love organic eggs and gradd fed and finished meats, especially chicken.

  4. In no particular order:


    1) chana masala from the indian scramble
    2) A-Win steak sauce
    3) clementine's house-made chorizo
    4) local cheeses


    5) zeke's coffee cupping
    6) cooking lessons for clementine recipes

  5. Fresh veggies and herbs would put you a step above any other place in a 5 mile radius.

    Raw milk cheeses would also be great!

  6. Fresh fruit
    Fresh veggies
    Fresh herbs
    Local cheeses
    Clementine's pates!
    Clementine's hot sauces!
    Grass fed meats

  7. Mentioned a couple of items on your facebook page, but here are some more things I'd like in no particular order:

    a real focus on seasonal produce
    a decent wine shop
    a section for "the lazy foodie", where I could pick up a main course and sides for dinner. It would be fine if the menu was limited. Just nice to be able to pick up dinner quick that wasn't fast foody.
    smoked meats

    At whole foods in annapolis they've begun placing some cheeses by various fruits - things I wouldn't have thought to put together myself if I was first in the fruit section and then in the cheese area. I really appreciate the ideas.

  8. fresh fish
    fresh meats
    peanut butter machine
    bulk grains, nuts, dried fruit
    nice cheeses
    seasonal produce
    housemade canned goods (pickles, peaches, tomato sauce)
    sandwiches to go

  9. I would like to see
    - fresh breads
    - beer and wine
    - salads
    - green godess dressing
    - basil lime elixir
    - right from the farm milks-cheeses
    - boutique items soaps oils lotions all natural.
    - Take and bake meals yum

  10. I'd like to see a full line of Dreamfields Pasta and whole grain white rice and rice mixes. Also items with reduced salt, which seem very hard to find in interesting varieties. All the rest listed in other posts sounds great.

  11. If you're selling and using local animals, I'd love to see:

    bones for soup
    chicken livers, gizzards and hearts

    Looking forward to the opening!

  12. Bison products, fresh eggs, clementines pate,

  13. Only 10? Well...

    - Cured/smoked meats/fish - LOTS of 'em. You might consider some smoked meat or fish salads for lunches and appetizers.
    - Pickled goods Clementine's pickles, of course, the spiced beets I had a couple of years ago were things of beauty!
    - Pates and sausages - Yummmm... 'nuff said!
    - Hearty breads - something you can really sink your teeth into.
    - Any lovely fresh produce/herbs, especially, local. Heirloom tomatoes - can you live on those, alone???? When they're running, I'm always tempted to try. ;-)
    - Excellent fresh meats - some dry aged beef, perhaps? And, naturally, heirloom pork.
    - Excellent fresh seafood - whole fish, dry packed scallops
    - Fresh eggs
    - Selection of ready to heat/cook take home for the lazy (doesn't have to be a big selection, and what's available could vary... and posting what was coming up later in the week would snag me for marketing purposes)
    - BASIL LIME ELIXER and lemon-rosemary syrup -Great idea, blatantly stole this one from Tim - carry a great seltzer, too, for us lazy folks.

    Come to think of it, like Clementine's menu, you wouldn't have to carry a huge selection of anything, as long as what's there is of exceptional quality. Knowing the selection would be changing somewhat weekly, especially if "what's coming up" is posted, would keep me in a state of anticipation and coming back for more.

  14. Fresh eggs, salted butter, ham hocks, crusty breads, spreadable cheeses & pates, pickles, soups, salads to go, special salts (Maldon in particular).

  15. Bulk flours, grains, spices. Bulk! Yay!
    Canning supplies

  16. If you want to continue the fun of acquiring permits and licensees you could have a section for local wines. I have wanted to open a wine shop like this, but don't have the patience for the red tape.

    Fresh pasta would be nice as well as gluetin free products.

    A selection of ethnic spices, Asian and Indian, would complement the fresh foods.

    How about a cuisine of the month feature to see which products would be most in demand?

    A good selection of beans, lentils, etc. would round out the vegetarian selections.

    Have you considered adding acquiring the Blockbuster space into your five year plan. You may be needing it.

  17. Oh, I forgot . . . COOKBOOKS! Since we are going to have access to a wider variety of foods it would be helpful to have recipes for them.

    This could lead to tie in sales; cuisine of the month, specialty foods and spices for the cuisine, and a cookbook of recipes.

    OK, I'll leave you alone for now. Thanks for listening/reading.

  18. Just had Jason's BBQ sausage and slaw last night. Got to carry that! Awesome balance. Yummmm!